• Snap, crackle and pop 9
  • Whipped goats curd, padrón peppers 9
  • Curry cauliflower and taleggio croquette 4.5
  • South Australian Pacific Oysters - Streaky Bay 4.5
  • Merimbula Oysters - Sydney Rock 4.5
  • Yarra Valley quail, green chilli, peanut, spring onion, rice cracker
  • Beetroot & gin cured salmon, smoked eel, horseradish, sour cream, dill
  • Sher wagyu tartare, pastrami, ketchup, pickles, mustard, sesame brioche
  • Heritage tomatoes, dried olive, red pepper, olive oil, green tomato dressing
  • Veal sweetbread lasagne, foie gras, Perigord truffle, madeira, tarragon +20
  • Caramelised duck breast, duck parfait, gizzards, pistachio, young carrots
  • Walker's Swordfish, aubergine, avocado, capsicum, fennel, white anchovy
  • Western Plains pork, white pudding, zucchini flower, mustard, dandelion
  • Charred broccoli, fermented black garlic, toasted nori, enoki
  • Sara Schreurs radishes, cosberg, buffalo curd 10
  • Corn, jalapeno, red onion, coriander, lime 10
  • Chickpeas, hummus, preserved lemon 10
  • Tête de moine, melon, rasberry vinegar, nut butter, karkalla
  • Strawberries, lemon shortbread, yoghurt, honeycomb, lavender
  • Nougatine, toasted milk powder, salted caramel, bitter chocolate
  • Wild blackberries, frozen goats milk, ginger, sheep sorrel, meringue
  • Please note menu is subject to change