• Moonlight Kisses 5
  • Rusty Wire 5.5
  • Angasi 5.5
  • Snap, crackle and pop 9
  • Lardo, anchovies 9
  • Chillies, goats curd 9
  • Hiramasa kingfish, clam, liquorice, daikon, cucumber, squid ink
  • Salt baked celeriac, grapes, cream cheese, wild celery, buttermilk
  • Flinders Island wallaby, smoked turnip, sour cream, potato, biltong, chives
  • Queensland spanner crab, wild mushrooms, chesnuts, chawanmushi
  • Bannockburn chicken, curried parsnip, golden raisins, roasting juices
  • Charred and raw broccoli, fermented black garlic, nori, enoki, seaweed oil
  • Striped trumpeter, Portarlington mussels, shaved cauliflower, grilled brassicas
  • Western Plains pork, black pudding, onions, maple & stout, ham hock, nashi pear
  • Black Ridge Squab, Autumn garnish and accompaniments +25
  • Red cabbage, balsamic, mustard, pecorino 10
  • black venere rice, duck egg, coriander 10
  • King Edward potato purée, spring onion 10
  • Pyengana cheddar, pear, walnut, pickled carrot, sauternes
  • Nougatine, toasted milk powder, salted caramel, bitter chocolate
  • Wild blackberries, frozen goats milk, ginger, sheep sorrel, meringue
  • Saint Crispin “Apple Pie”, apple parfait, baked apple ice cream, Calvados
  • Please note menu is subject to change